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We must rethink
how and why we make technology

Explorer of the emerging technology trends in the decentralized world with its collective and consensus driven decisions models

Core Beliefs

Understand the consequences of our technology creations on the society around us

Digital technologies create enormous opportunities for individuals to use their unique and dispersed knowledge for the benefit of the whole economy (as well as society).

The speed and scale of technological innovation bring chances for improvements that shape our economies, our politics, and our communities. At the same time, it can intensify inequalities, pose new risks, and raise severe issues about responsibility, liability, and values.

The dominance and sheer concentration of power in the hands of a few large tech platforms - in the context of data, markets, and decision-making - pose a considerable risk in the evolvement of our society.

"We must come together to envision and articulate a new social contract for data and technology in the 21st century."
Omidyar Network

Redefining the technology contract of our society may go hand in hand with the evolvement of new decentralized innovative organization structures, with its collective and consensus-driven decisions models.

With these two ingredients, we have the key in our hand to move significantly forward in the rollout of beneficial technologies and may have the chance to transform the world to a better place for our next generation.

Stay Curious, Stay Humble, Stay Open, Move Forward.

Promoting the use of technology, platforms, and connectivity to improve lives and improve outcomes

Definition of "Beneficial Technology" by Omidyar Network

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About Me

Curious Technologist with a flair for coding and writing

I started coding as a teenager almost 40 years ago with a Sinclair ZX81 with 1 KB RAM (1981). Since then, I couldn't resist the magic of the virtual world, which exploded eight years later when Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web.

Over the decades, I had the opportunity to work with a plethora of programming languages and executing various roles in the Software development life cycle.

Currently, I'm responsible for the overall CRM IT architecture of the largest Swiss bank, covering the Retail, Corporate- and Wealth Management segment globally. You can find a link to my Linkedin profile in the footer of this page.

The work by John Hagel (The Power of Pull) and Erik Brynjolfsson (Race Against the Machine) were 2105 the inspirational nucleus for me, to exploit in hobbyists side-projects various aspects of the tectonic shift, which will turn over not only the technology space but also the social and economic one.

This Web page as a knowledge base with its linked content is a consequence of this work. Any statement made, is done in context of my own legal entity "Atnode GmbH".


passion for understanding things at a fundamental level and embed it in a story

My blogging activities I concentrate on Medium (, where I'm a writer for multiple publications. Click on the panel below to get an overview of the articles published

The articles are also available on Publish0x, a uprising "crypto powered blogging platform". It's a very innovative approach which I want to work with and understand how it evolves.

Coinmonks is a technology-focused publication embracing decentralized technologies.

Unter the term “Polkadot Hello World” I published a set of articles which are providing an introduction to Polkadot with a focus on Validators. Polkadot is is a heterogeneous multi‑chain blockchain technology, which expects to go live in Q3/2019.

Link to Medium Article Series

Towards Data Science is a publication mainly focused on data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data journalism.

In this article series   I provided an introduction to the programming in Python and Statistics by developing a program which is capable of analyzing the Twitter usage of government members.

The main focus is about Twitter usage of Swiss government members but during the tutorial lessons, I explained how to program and generalize it in a way that it can work with public API's and government members of various countries. Besides explaining the Python programming language and best practice design patterns, the series gives a gentle introduction to main concepts of the statistics domain.

Link to Medium Article Series

Under the headline “Findings of my journey into the emerging world of DAO’s” I write articles about my working experiences with Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO), for example DAOstack.

Link to Medium Article Series

The goal of this article series is to explain the evolving systems landscape and its associated concepts in the context of Decentralized Finance in a visualized way using (UML) diagramming techniques.

Link to Medium Article Series

From time to time I write about one of my primary programming language Java. Part of the articles got selected for Medium top level Programming series, which is producing quite some reader traffic.

Link to the Medium Articles

My developer blog directly feeded out from Evernote via the Clouburo Publishing Bot.

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