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Our bots simplify the day2day tasks of startups-, micro- and small- Enterprises.

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in the Industrial Revolution of our Time

… digital technologies create enormous opportunities for individuals to use their unique and dispersed knowledge for the benefit of the whole economy. As a result, technology enables more and more opportunities for what Google chief economist Hal Varian calls “micro-multinationals” - businesses with less than a dozen employees that sell to customers worldwide …

... even the smallest company can now afford communications and computational infrastructure that would have been the envy of a large corporation 15 years ago. If the late 20th century was the age of the multinational company, the early 21st will be the age of the micro-multinational: small companies that operate globally.

Having personally accompanied the bootstrapping of a successful micro-business during the last three years, I realized that there is a need for easy to handle and fully managed applications aimed at the mbiz market.

The philosophy of these mbiz apps must be to provide just the bare minimum of functionality to support the day2day activities of a micro-enterprise in the most efficient and intuitive manner.

A cloudburo mbiz app isn’t a Swiss Army knife; it’s a carving blade, designed to do a limited number of things extremely well.

Our Products

Will help you reduce time invested in non-core business day2day activities

Publishing Bot (Q2/2016)

Manage your content marketing and curation activities in the most efficient and intuitive manner directly out of Evernote.

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Getting started in Content Curation

So you are interested to start your content Curation Web presence, but you are not sure how to kickoff and proceed?

You want to achieve a professional Blog entrance on the Internet, but for sure you are not interested to understand all the technical details (and hassles) in setting up a blogging platform?

If you nod and agree then this series of weekly newsletter is just right for you.

It will introduce you to the inner workings of content curation and will explain the fundamental workflow underlying curation and blogging activities.

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Within the next 15 years, I firmly believe that the workforce of the industrial countries will undergo a massive change. We will not work longer at the same company for a lifetime, waiting for the gold watch, expecting the benefits and security that come with full-time employment.

Future careers consist of piecing together various types of work, juggling multiple clients, learning to be marketing and accounting experts and creating offices in bedrooms/coffee shops/coworking spaces.

There will be a shift in the workforce to independent workers leaving the traditional workplace and opting to piece together a professional life on their own. Agility and flexibility will be a key surviving in a defragmented market, which will be driven more and more by the globalized internet ecosystem.

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